Colby Action for Palestine homepage

A picture of a Colby protest in the 1980s. A crowd of students stand around Miller steps. A banner hangs on the columns of Miller, which reads: 'Amandla! Power to the people!'.

Amandla! is an indigenous South African word that means 'power' and was used as a rallying cry against South African apartheid in the 1980s. Image from 'A People's History of Colby College.'

History of Activism in Colby

Colby is not at all new to activism in its campus. As an academic institution with a $90,000 price tag, the Colby administration has the imperative to listen to the demands of its students and faculty. Furthermore, Colby has explicitly set one of its missions to push students "to explore the relationships between academic work and one’s responsibility to contribute to the world beyond the campus." This page highlights some of the work of those who have come before us, who have pushed to better this campus. May we continue to fight for a better Colby.

Colby Activism Websites: